4 Shocking Secrets Women Never Tell Their Men

Although men have been overtime tagged with the characteristics of  not talking and being able to keep secrets, the woman race has been noted for keeping some things secrets even with the talking nature they are known for.

Often times, relationships do not work out due to some things a woman expects from her man but the man in the picture can not even point out what exactly the woman want. Yes, women are known to be very open and can be extremely talkative creatures in comparison with men, but you will be surprised that not only men have some things to hide, but women also have some secrets.

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For every one woman, be rest assured that there is a mystery attached. Most men feel the female gender can never be satisfied but hey!, here are basic things you must know as a man to get along well…and not only get along well, but to look like a ‘god’ in front of your woman in all situations.

Women Love Surprises. No woman likes a boring ‘nothing-new-to-look-forward-to-man’, same way a man does not like a boring woman. The term ‘boring’ for a man does not mean same thing for a woman. Women like crazy surprises, surprises that can brighten up a moody face. Now, do not get it wrong, surprises do not necessarily mean spending money…helping out with the dishes while she cooks will sure gladden her heart.

Making the bed while she tends the children to sleep will surely clear out all the day’s stress and get her willing to yield for any of your favorite sexcapades…you know what I mean! Even if it is a gift, it necessarily does not have to be expensive. Be rest assured that when she realizes the fact that some effort has been taken to make her feel happy, you will be soon rewarded.

Women Like To Be Part Of Every Decision-Making Process. Do not be deceived by what anyone tells you about a man being the head and Lord of the house. Yes, women know that their men have naturally been saddled with the responsibility of making decisions for the home, but even when they know that fact, they still want to be a part. Even when a woman knows her husband still has the final say, she feels appreciated when her opinion or view is consulted by her husband concerning an issue.

It goes a long way to suggest to the woman that she is just not a figure head but her opinion really matters! Dear men, boost the egos of your woman today, make them feel they are important in the house and not just the ‘kitchen manager’.

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Women Want Men To Decode Their Various Body Languages. Women are mostly known to have a sixth sense, especially if it concerns relationships. Women have been penned down to be very sensitive when a man is involved. No little detail can go down the drain when a relationship is question, that is why it is widely assumed that there is no way a woman will not know a friendship-relationship that will blossom into something more cordial.

Women want to be in a particular home dress and have their man decode what they want or how they really want it or relatively how they are feeling at the moment without having to say a word. A woman desire a kind of relationship that just like the football field, the referee need not talk but will just blow his whistle and phew!..the footballer(s) know what he means.

Every Woman Want A Honest Man. Even when dishonesty is the order of the day, a lot of women, if not all, want to be seen and attached to a man with a great repute. Every woman want to be happy to be linked with a man that everyone thinks has a great character with little or no flaw.

Women want to be able to gist about their men with other women without the fear of being tackled or questioned about his behavior. To them, being a great man starts from having what some other women’s men do not have, which makes them shine more in the midst of their friends.

Sure there are other things women want; things like telling them how much you love them very often, being there for them always and many more,…with the list above, you have just read some of the innermost thoughts of every woman, although some of them might not own up to this.

Who Spends More In A Relationship?

Our sense of who we are is intricately entwined with our spending habit. When it comes to money, the female gender has been perceived and tagged the bigger spender.


While women have been subliminally taught that all they need to get through in life is acceptance which motivates them to always want to look good, which also in turn make them to be buyers and acquisitors of things that make them look good, men have also been taught in the same manner as women to be investors in things that hold value, things that can make them to be seen as men, a house, a car, a juicy retirement and so on…

According to Onyinye Armstrong, a married mother of three, spending is an individual thing. She is of the Opinion that although some men are more extravagant in spending than some women, there is no rule to it; but when it comes to shopping impulsively, women are culprits.


Boladale, a male banker, feels women spend more. He asserted that the only thing is just that most of the money women spend, it is the men that provide it. While women spend on personal effects, pets, fashion items; Men amazingly spend on groceries, dining out, phone calls, entertainment, travel, electronics and gas.

Nevertheless, let us do a more practical assessment. The cost of most of the fashion basics for men cannot be compared to that of women, especially if the man is a freak for genuine fashion items. A woman can pick 20 items in a mall in which the total cost of these 20items might not probably be up to half the cost of two pairs of male shoes another man will incure if he also shops in the same mall.

Although women mostly spend on things that have no asset value which gives them the “now” effect; Men generally spend on way much heavier assets that can be passed from generation to another.

Now, from the above, I will say both sexes spend. But men spend reasonably on valuable assets which make them to be the bigger spender!

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