Who Spends More In A Relationship?

Our sense of who we are is intricately entwined with our spending habit. When it comes to money, the female gender has been perceived and tagged the bigger spender.


While women have been subliminally taught that all they need to get through in life is acceptance which motivates them to always want to look good, which also in turn make them to be buyers and acquisitors of things that make them look good, men have also been taught in the same manner as women to be investors in things that hold value, things that can make them to be seen as men, a house, a car, a juicy retirement and so on…

According to Onyinye Armstrong, a married mother of three, spending is an individual thing. She is of the Opinion that although some men are more extravagant in spending than some women, there is no rule to it; but when it comes to shopping impulsively, women are culprits.


Boladale, a male banker, feels women spend more. He asserted that the only thing is just that most of the money women spend, it is the men that provide it. While women spend on personal effects, pets, fashion items; Men amazingly spend on groceries, dining out, phone calls, entertainment, travel, electronics and gas.

Nevertheless, let us do a more practical assessment. The cost of most of the fashion basics for men cannot be compared to that of women, especially if the man is a freak for genuine fashion items. A woman can pick 20 items in a mall in which the total cost of these 20items might not probably be up to half the cost of two pairs of male shoes another man will incure if he also shops in the same mall.

Although women mostly spend on things that have no asset value which gives them the “now” effect; Men generally spend on way much heavier assets that can be passed from generation to another.

Now, from the above, I will say both sexes spend. But men spend reasonably on valuable assets which make them to be the bigger spender!

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